Friday, June 24, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!!

Aor (center) celebrates in a photo w/Thai officials & TTP
Aor was granted a Thai birth certificate today! Next week, she will leave statelessness behind as she is granted full Thai citizenship. Thanks to all who have supported this effort over the years. It was never an easy task.
If you'd like to send your congratulations to Aor directly, please e-mail her at:

It all comes down to this...

TODAY IS THE DAY! The Thailand Project has worked for over two years (which is actually 4 months in academic break time) to gain a Thai birth certificate for Aor. A few weeks ago we got a "Yes" on the final signature (on camera on 2 seperate occasions!) from the NEW head of the Mae Sai District Office, but that promised final signature won't actually happen until today; 2 hours from now... Wish us LUCK!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Promo video for TCR's new "Refugee Freedom Fund" (World Refugee Day 2011)

The Thailand Project filmed & put together a promo video for our new work partner, the Thai Committee for Refugees, for World Refugee Day, 2011: